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FAQs about Cortisone/Steroid Injections

What is Cortisone?

Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine that reduces inflammation around the nerve tissue and can break into the cycle of entrapment and swelling. This reduces pain, numbness and weakness.

Is there a limit to the number of injections that you can have?
In any particular place in the body, there is a natural limit of three injections in a six week period. Further injections are allowed in other places and at other times, especially if they are effective. Your specialist will guide you.

What complications may occur?

Hot flushes
- for 1-2 days (1 in 20).

Allergic reaction
- to any injection may occur in 1 in 7,000 cases. This may just be a rash or a life-threatening reaction. These will usually occur immediately and will be treated immediately. Most reactions are treated and cause no permanent harm.

- Epidural Haematoma and resulting nerve damage is a very rare (1 in 7,000) complication after a bleed around the nerves. This usually requires surgery to remedy.

- Very rarely (1 in 7,000) an Epidural Abscess or infection in other tissues can occur. You should watch for signs of fever, redness, swelling and increasing pain. This can be treated with antibiotics or even surgery.