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gym-1The Blackberry Gymnasium boasts an extensive range of cardiovascular equipment including Cross-Trainers, a freerunner, treadmills, steppers, rowers and bikes as well as The Rock. An innovative rotating climbing wall, this unique facility is not only fun, but use of it combines muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness and eye-hand co-ordination.

There is a broad range of fixed and free weights, including a Vectra multi-gym and Cable crossover. The Vectra is a multi-station, multi-exercise piece of equipment that is simple and safe to use, making it ideal for beginners while also offering enough weight and exercise options for the serious weight trainer.

Cable machines can be extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises through complete ranges of motion. Anyone can be accommodated by making adjustments to the cable machine as angles and heights can be modified allowing for a single machine to conveniently offer a full body workout. Safety is always a concern during any exercise, fortunately cable machines make it especially difficult for one to get in a position to hurt themselves. The weight is always controlled and secured on the stack, unlike free weights. The variety of equipment ensures the Blackberry Gym offers a complete range of resistance options that suit the beginner or experienced gym user.


The gymnasium has male and female changing facilities, locker areas and showers. .

The site also provides free and accessible parking.