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What's included in Your Membership?

The staff at The Blackberry Gymnasium will ensure that you achieve your goals and enjoy your workouts. Whether you want to improve your flexibility, lose weight, decrease your stress levels or return to full fitness after an injury, the gym staff and practitioners will work together to give you an individual and innovative programme of exercises and activities.

Before any programme is designed, a full lifestyle and fitness assessment is carried out to establish your level of fitness. This is the first step on your quest to achieve your individual health and fitness goals. The Blackberry Gym Phase One is a one-to-one session with an instructor who will give you a full fitness assessment and show you how each piece of equipment works. Your programme will be tailored to meet your goals and designed according to the results of your assessment. Your heart rate will be tracked throughout your workout to ensure suitable cardiovascular intensity.

Programme consultations are essential and are an ongoing part of your membership. As your fitness increases, goals will alter along with your programme. Here at Blackberry, the staff aspire to have a close rapport with our members and create a warm and friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy working out.