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State of the Art Prolotherapy Theatre

Prolotherapy 1

Sclerosant Injections to Ligaments

Prolotherapy 2

Reduces the Risk of Recurring Back Pain

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Neural Prolotherapy

Treatment Costs

Our state-of-the-art Prolotherapy suite is located at our flagship clinic in Milton Keynes. Please visit the Our Clinics page for the address and opening times.

To book an appointment please call 01908 604 666 or book online via our Contact Us form - and we will be happy to advise costs upon confirmation of your booking. Prolotherapy is usually £350 per injection  and the course usually involves 3 injections on. The total cost for a course of prolotherapy is therefore £1050. 

Consultation, follow up, treatment and procedure costs.

Initial consultations:

  1.      Doctor              £165 (includes ultrasound scan or single x-ray during appointment. Dynamic x-ray will be charged extra at £80)
  2.      Physio              £48
  3.      Osteopath        £48
  4.      Chiropractor     £48

Follow up appointments:

  1.  Doctor                 £130 (includes ultrasound scan or x-ray during appointment)                                                 
  2.  Physio                  £48
  3.  Osteopath            £48
  4.  Chiropractor         £48

Treatment prices inclusive of consultation:

Prolotherapy Back/knee                                       £350 per treatment (usually 3 treatments required)

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) +/- imaging               £250/350 per treatment (1-3 treatments required)

Non-Spinal injections (no imaging)                      £250        

Non-Spinal Injections (with imaging)                   £350    (ie. with ultrasound or x-ray guidance)      

Spinal injections (with imaging)                           £500    (ie. with ultrasound or x-ray guidance)                                                                                                                             

Hyaluronic Acid Joint injection 1 joint                 £450 per treatment    (course of 3)

Hyaluronic Acid Joint injection 2 joints                £550 per treatment   (course of 3) 

Radiofrequency Denervation                               £700