Psychological Therapies

Psychological Therapies at Blackberry Clinic


Counselling is an opportunity for people to discuss issues of concern with a professional, experienced practitioner in a confidential environment.

A Counsellor's role is to establish rapport with clients and facilitate change by exploring the range of options available, so that they can overcome problems and achieve their desired outcome.

Clients generally gain tremendous benefits from expressing and sharing their troubles with an empathetic listener. A proficient Counsellor should never judge, criticise or attempt to impose their own views, beliefs or opinions on others.

The number of consultations varies between four and ten sessions, depending on the nature of the presenting issues. As a client gains insights about the underlying reasons for their current situation and resolutions available they become empowered. This enables them to reclaim their power and resume control of their life.

Counselling may be helpful for addressing anything that is detracting from enjoying a fulfilling and healthy life.