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Testimonial from Rio Ferdinand

"Following my treatment at the Blackberry Clinic my back pain has improved significantly, enabling me to return to playing for my club and country at peak performance."

Rio Ferdinand
Professional Footballer
Manchester United & England

Courtesy of New Era Sports Management


Testimonial from Steven Gerrard

"I have the Prolotherapy injections every couple of years at the Blackberry Clinic. My game-return since I had the first ones a couple of years ago surprised myself really. My game has been really good so I'm hoping I can get the same game-return from this set that I've had.

I wouldn't have them if I didn't feel any benefit from them. The reason I went in for these recently is because I've felt so good physically over the last couple of years."

Steven Gerrard
Professional Footballer
Liverpool FC & England


 Steven Gerrard Web

Testimonial from James Stephenson

"You've treated me quite a lot, but most recently just before training started for the Oxford & Cambridge boat race. Considering my back problems over the years it is amazing that I lasted the training... I thought you might like to see another one of your patients being successful in their sport because of your brilliance."

James Stephenson
GB Rowing
Varsity Rower - Oxford 2013
Triathalon World Champion - Beijing 2011

JStephenson web

Testimonial from Nemanja Vidic  

Since having prolotherapy at the Blackberry clinic, I have started to feel benefits with moving and training. I don't have problems like I had before.

Nemanja Vidic  
Manchester United Captain  2013






Nemanja Vidic

Testimonial from Ellie Griffin

"Since the birth of my first child over 9 years ago I have struggled with Pelvic Girdle Pain and instability of the sacroiliac joints. With child 3 I spent 3 months in a wheelchair. Several times over the years I have badly injured my pelvis due to the loose ligaments. My mobility was limited to walking no more than 50 metres. I was unable to sit or stand for any length of time nor lift or climb stairs. Just playing with the kids and doing jobs around the house became I increasingly difficult. Over the years I have attended physiotherapy on the NHS and been left to "do Pilates". After seeing two surgeons I was referred for pain management. My husband finally came across prolotherapy injections on the Blackberry Clinics website. After a full assessment and discussion we decided to undergo the treatment. I had one lot of cortisone injections then three sets of prolotherapy over a period of 5 months. Alongside I received specific physiotherapy. Gradually the pain has disappeared entirely and my mobility is 100percent improved. I don't even have to think before I move or lift or run up the stairs, it has been life transforming.

I feel blessed to have finally found a treatment that actually tackles the problem instead of masking it. There are so many women out there who could benefit from this treatment I just hope it becomes more universally recognised and available. Thank you to all the team at the Blackberry Clinic for making such amazing difference to the life of my family."

Ellie Griffin - Witney 2015